Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Walnut Festival Run

So today we as a family ran the Walnut Festival Run. While running 5K's is old hat for Emma, this would be Sophie's first and even Myles was able to run the last mile.

While the actual run had taken a hiatus since the early 2000's, this was the 23rd run.  The proceeds benefited the schools in the Walnut Creek City limits.  While the kids go to Woodside Elementary, which is in Concord, it was nice to see where the proceeds would go to education since the schools have taken such a huge hit financially.

We got up early and were at the start line at 7:15.  The kids got pictures with King Walnut.  Myles was a bit scared.  He asked why the walnut had make-up on his face.

Everyone was very friendly.  It was amazing how many kids were participating in the 5K.  I certainly helped Sophie to see so many kids her age also participating.

So I ran Sophie pushing the Myles in the jogger.  Beth made a special bib for Myles so he could feel apart.  Emma ran with Beth.  Her goal was beat her See Jane Run time, which she did hands down at 33 minutes.

Sophie did awesome at 47 minutes.  She ran 2/3 of the run passing most of the kids her age.  The point for her was just to have fun.  She got to experience her first aide station as well as her first recovery station.  She was so proud of herself as well as her parents.

Myles saw the finish-line about 1/2 mile out and ran through the finish line.  He is such a fast runner.

Sophie is now looking forward to her next 5K and Emma has chosen her next trail run.  The kids are going to have a great time.

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