Monday, September 1, 2014

Ocean Beach - Warm and Sunny Yeah!

So today, since we had a free day off, we decided to go to Ocean Beach.  The temperature was in the upper 70's at the beach with the water temperatures about 65.  Since it was going to be close to 100 at home, we opted for the 40 minute drive to the beach.

Enjoy the pictures:

The true meaning of "sandwich," and no they were not Tuna Fish.

The kids love body surfing.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

April 2013

So to say we have been busy is an understatement.  Hopefully these pictures give a bit of a summary of what we have been doing the last couple of months.  Next week we will be going camping and fishing up at Shasta Lake and will have the pictures up shortly after. Going up to the lake around the 15th of May always seems like revisiting my childhood and my grandparents.

Going on a hike with the new ccongregation, the Circuit Overseer, and his wife.  There were over 47 on the hike in Castle Rock Regional Park.

A couple of fun trips to Sky High which hosts a bunch of trampolines.

This years memorial picture.  The kids are growing fast.

A trip to the A's with Myles friend Mitchell.  The new congregation has boys Myles age so he now as a lot of friends.

Two crazy A's fans!

This random picture was taken when we were checking out a new field service territory.  We have everything from rural to city.  It has been an awesome change.

We were treated to a horseback ride by Beth's dad up at Redwood Regional Park.  There was fun for all!

 Finally, these are iridescent clouds.  They are pretty rare in this latitude.  Basically it it caused by ice crystals at very high altitudes.  I was running Lafayette Reservoir and saw the clouds appear twice.  I almost thought they were man made.  It was beautiful!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Big Changes....

It does seem like I have neglected this blog for some time now.  While the primary purpose of it was to keep family up-to-date I found that other than one family member, no one else was coming to the site (I have a stat counter that keeps track of who visits or not).  I have had other friends stop by, however, as the more sporadic I got with posting the fewer and fewer times they would stop by.  

I have tried to keep this site upbeat, but with the changes in career and the associated effects on our activities, the number of things we have done have dropped off.  I also found that the posts were getting rather mundane, trying to find things to write about.  So I really focused on my other blog which primarily dealt with trail running.
Myles with Kona....and his favorite Calvin and Hobbes book
Well, I am going to go back to posting on this site for a while even if it isn’t being read on a regular basis.   To some extent it is a bit of therapy for me and a little bit of keeping a written log to be able reflect on.  It also helps to keep focus on what is important to us as a family.

So here we go:

Big Changes

Water is finally in the creeks!
So after almost 15 years in the Walnut Creek congregation (not including the year in Georgia) we decided to move to the Concord South congregation.  The primary reason for this change has been due to the growth in the circuit we have been in which has meant that a territory alignment is on the horizon.  Since we have lived actually in Concord South territory for the last seven years (which is outside the circuit that Walnut Creek is in) we felt it was a great time for a change to support these future changes.

Timing wise, it is also really good.  I have been at my current company now for two years.  Family relationships are slowly mending.  We have lived in our current house now for three years.  The kids are in a school near the house, etc.
We didn’t take the decision lightly, but prayerfully weighed the options and made the change.  Emma was baptized in February so we didn’t want to make the change then. The video is here.
Sophie's friend Parrin
Sophie riding the bike track with new friends.

We also had a weekend planned where Beth and I were to run a 50K.  Unfortunately Beth pulled her calf muscle a few weeks prior which meant that I would go solo.  I did great and you can find the recap here.

So now we have been in Concord South for three weeks and I can say this has been a great decision.  The kids have made friends pretty quickly as well as Beth and I. Instead of a 20 minute drive to the hall and 15 minute drive to field service, it is a 8 minute drive to the hall and 2 minute drive to the service group.  
After four needed new tires and rear brakes - behold the $700 tire swing!

In fact the orientation to more a Concord / Clayton view of getting around has been kind of fun.

We have already had kids over to play as well as Emma and Sophie ending up at their friends.  Myles and I have been invited to an A’s game.  And Beth had a “girls night out” (code for a cleaning supply demonstration – we do live in the burbs after all).

So as we have made this change expect more posts.  If there isn’t much writing, expect at least pictures as a record of what is going on.  Beth has an excellent blog also which at times makes this blog redundant so if there is a bit of a delay in posts go over and check it out.  Also, she keeps up with all of our pictures on the Dropshot picture site. And I don’t expect anyone to read any of it, but if you do I hope you enjoy and drop a line every once in awhile.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Emma's Baptism....

For family and friends who couldn't be there.....

And thank you to family and friends who were there to make the day very special!  Emma, I am very proud of you!