Monday, September 6, 2010

Perfect Weather for a Trip to Ocean Beach

So the weather was perfect for a day at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  It was a warm 76 degrees with a light wind.

The kids had a great time!!! They played in the waves, flew kites, and made sand castles. 

Emma also learned about mole crabs.  Their true name is Emerita and they look like a big salt water bug.   But when you put them back on the sand, they quickly dig and disappear. These little creatures are amazing.  

When I was a kid, I remember going to visit my grandparents when they would vacation in San Diego. What I especially remember on these trips was capturing these same little creatures.  It was fun watching the kids do the same thing I did at their age.

Something Beth and I do when we go to the beach is play Frisbees or throw a football..  As simple as it sounds, we can do this for hours.  I love that something so simple can bring so much enjoyment for the both of us.

As usual, it was a beautiful time at the beach.

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