Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Emma's 5th Grade Graduation

Today was one of those fun life changing days.   Our oldest daughter Emma graduated from elementary school today.  What was even more fun was to watch her represent her class by saying a speech about the 6 years (kindergarten through 5th grade) she had been at Woodside.

Emma recieving her 5th grade promotion certificate.

She has grown up to be such a lady!  She was very well composed on stage and I would be lying if I didn’t say I shed a tear or two when she was handed her promotion certificate.  I am taken back a bit that middle school is right around the corner.
Emma opening a card from a brother and sister in our congregation.

Emma's first grade teacher Mrs. Holmes.
I never went to one school straight through, attending five different schools by the time I was finished, so for her to relate her experiences with kids and teachers (some who were in the audience) for each grade at Woodside was pretty awesome.  

Emma's friend Jasmin since 1st grade.
Unfortunately, next year we have decided to move Myles and Sophie to an elementary that is much closer (1 block away instead of 5 miles away).  This will mean getting used to new teachers and reestablishing a good parent –teacher-student relationship that we had done at Woodside.  The good news is that the middle school is right across the street from the elementary so the kids will be able to leave at the same time.

Myles' Kindergarten Promotion
I can’t say enough about how awesome the kids teachers have been, from Mrs. Holmes and Hutchenson, to Robinett, Mrs Brandt, to Wilmoth, and not to leave out Mrs. Cattalini.  They have been great partners in teaching our children at Woodside.

Emma's 5th grade speech:

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