Saturday, April 29, 2017

Hello....Is there Anyone Out There?

Okay....running three blogs and then getting busy with life means that you let all three blogs to suffer.  Yes there has been a lot going on.  But I will promise to work on updating this one too.  This one is dedicated to the family.  So I will feature what has been going on with them more often going forward as well as any trips that occur.

My other blog is more dedicated to running and trail pictures.  That said, I will showcase some of these pictures here.

I guess photography runs in the family.  Our daughter Emma has just started her blog which focuses on her favorite hobby.  It is titled Wander Through the Lense. You will find all of her photography there.

Anyways, I will probably use this more as a photo-log.

Catching up:

Samoa Sam...the new addition to the family
Emma using her Camera in Monterrey

Setting up for the perfect picture
Emma Setting up for Snow on Mt. Diablo
Myles and a friend making and trying out there boats

Early Morning High Jinks