Wednesday, September 29, 2010

13th Anniversary Weekend

Last weekend was my and Beth's 13th wedding anniversary.  This year it was complements of AAA!!!  Long story short, half of the team I am on at work were laid off, including my boss.  She had been with the company for 25 years and it will be a major loss.

So before she left, she gave our team a bunch of gifts.  Our family got 10 movie tickets, Starbucks, Target, Coldstone Creamery, and Jamba Juice gift cards.  This paid for our weekend.

So on Friday we put the Target gift card to use for gifts for the kids.  So when the girls came home from PJ's day at school, we had gifts waiting for them.  Myles had been eyeing a Mr. Incredible costume, so he got that.  The girls got outfits for their race as well as a stuffed puppy.  Later that evening we were treated to dinner at Jamba Juice after a long run.

So on Saturday, we took the kids to a movie.  Not the greatest movie; however the kids enjoyed it.
On Sunday, we ran as a family the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure.  Beth and I ran it last year and enjoyed it.  This year, with Emma and Sophie running 5K's, it was a family  affair.  For Beth and I it is pretty emotional.  Last year my mother was diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.  Beth's friend Nancy went through the same this year.

After the race, we got lunch at Starbucks and had a Picnic at Chelsea Field.  It is such a beautiful area with the T]the kids flew kites and threw Frisbees.  Afterwords, we drove back to Walnut Creek to a lovely 103-degree day.  Perfect time to use the Coldstone Creamery gift cards.

The past 13 years has gone by so quickly.  So many ups and downs.  However, one thing has continued to grow stronger year over year, my love for my wife and my kids.  I love you Beth.

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