Monday, May 27, 2013

May Shasta Trip

 So we were able to get up to Shasta this May!  It has been so warm this year, and with the lake already down 30 feet, we thought it would be a great trip for some fishing and swimming.  However, as you probably figured, the rain did make a brief showing early on the trip which meant that is was in the low 70's  - too cold for a lot of swimming but the fishing was great.

In all we caught eight fish - 7 bass and 1 huge bluegill that went after a casting lure.  We went old school with using a long rapala crank-bait a green perch crank-bait handed down from my grandfather. All of the bass were in the 10 to 11 inch range (stuff we would have kept on the houseboat) but we returned to the fishery.

Camping was wonderful, full of my stick to your ribs classic breakfast (bacon and sausage patties, and pancakes and hash browns cooked in bacon grease), hot dogs and S'mores for dinner, and a lot of relaxing.

The campground was pretty empty.  Thursday and Friday we didn't have water, the camp host had been cleaning the water supply in prep for the holiday weekend.  But that was OK, we got some water at the local store in Lakehead and were good to go.
Out to get the Green Perch lure.  Sophie caught two Bass of it.

We are planning another trip in August, which will be all about the swimming.  However, with the heat this year and the current lake level, I am also now opening up to the possibility that we may need to find an alternative.  

I am told that since CalTrans requires the lake to be at a certain level for the Antlers Bridge construction that it can't go too low and as low as we have seen it at Antlers.  Let's see how CalTrans fights off the farmers and PG&E when it comes to their water needs.
Emma pretty happy at this point, Sophie had two fish on her.

All in all a great camping trip! You can find more pictures of the trip on our picture site here.

Emma's second fish.

Got to love the classics.

Even Myles caught a fish!!