Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rocky Ridge 5K

So today, Emma and Sophie got to run a trail run with Beth.  Emma and I  ran the Rocky Ridge Trail 5K last year, so this year Beth got to run this year.  It is a 5K, but is pretty challenging with a 800 foot elevation gain.  the cool fall air combined with the falling oak leaves provided for a beautiful morning.

Emma really loves trail running. Beth and I have tried several companies; but have settled on the races organized by Brazen Racing.  They are very well organized and they really go the extra distance to make sure everyone has fun.

Emma ran this race by herself and did it in a wonderful 42 minutes.  This is their toughest 5K course but she ran the entire thing like a trooper.  Sophie and Beth completed the course in an hour and they had a lot of fun.  Beth really enjoys being to run with the girls and this has become a family activity we really can enjoy together.

Myles and I stayed behind and played.  It is fun watching him play.  He looks at everything with such awe.  First he and I went looking for salamanders and scorpions in the fallen logs.  We looked at the bugs.  And we watched the runners come in.
After the race, Emma, Sophie, and Myles enjoyed ice cream from the relief station as well as other goodies.  I asked Sophie what she thought.  She said it was really tough (she had fallen a couple of times and is sporting a nice bruise); however, she really wanted to do another one.  Emma is sold on trail races. Just being able to run through the trees and seeing the deer make for a great time.