Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mt. Diablo Half Summary

You will find the Mt Diablo half marathon summary on my other blog 262 to 26.2.  There are some nice pictures from the summit.  More pictures are located on our Dropshots page to the left.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Wrap-up

With an "extended vacation" you would think that I would have posted more.  Sorry for the delay; however, we did cram a lot beginning in August.  So let me catch you up.

So Beth and I completed the San Francisco Marathon for the second time.  I can say that it was not our best performance, yet it is really rewarding to be able to do this type of accomplishment with my wife.  The first half of the course is beautiful (but the typical summer overcast) and takes you along the waterfront, across the Golden Gate Bridge and back and through Golden Gate park.  The second half is not so pretty: through the Haight, Mission, and Dog Patch.  This will probably be the last time we do the San Francisco Marathon, it is definitely not one of our favorites and is not as organized as the other Marathons we have done.  This combined with the price, yikers!!!!

We also, took a week long camping trip to Shasta Lake.  Truly one of our families favorite locations.  This is the first time we have ever camped 7 days, but we really enjoyed ourselves.  The weather cooperated with us, with no day warmer than 95-degrees.  The water level was about 15 to 20 feet from the shore.  

We found a couple areas where we could swim.  Emma and Sophie did catch some bluegill; however, as normal in summer, the fish were looking at us, teasing us.  That combined with a near full moon meant we got skunked.  

We did take a patio boat out one day. We did some trolling, and Emma lost a pink lady.  We made it down to Elmore's Bay.  I thought for sure we would catch something down there - I have never been skunked there.  Well there is a first time for everything.  We did a lot of swimming.

The nice thing about were we stay, Antlers Campground, is that they have an amphitheater and the kids got to learn about the geology of the lake as well as how to pan for gold.

Later in August, Beth's mom came down for a visit.  Beth and the kids hadn't seen her since April, 2010, so it was a nice trip.  Thanks to our friends, Noel and Marty, we got free tickets to Waterworld.  It wasn't too warm and the kids had an awesome time.

We also were able to take Jackie to Sausilito and Mill Valley.  Again, the weather was nice - on the warm side - however we got awesome views of San Francisco.  I was surprised how much the kids love art galleries.  They were the ones wanting to go inside.  In Mill Valley, we went to Tyler Florence's cooking store as well as looked at his new restaurant, El Paseo.  It is a beautiful place and right next to it is a lovely antique store.  The kids got "tree branch" pencils for school.

We also made a trip to San Francisco while she was here, to Pier 39 and Gharideli.  It was a beautiful time.

We do update our picture site on a more regular basis, so if I am lagging, you can find pictures of what is going on here.  And always, the pictures on this site are only a summary of what is going on.