Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Fun....

To say that the past month was interesting is an understatement. But with a unscheduled month "vacation," we did make the most of it.  Now I am back at work in one of the beautiful cities around.

My "vacation" began in the middle of March, which was excellent timing.  I was able to help Beth with her auxiliary pioneering, which was wonderful.  Last year year we pioneered as a family, and I really felt bad that I couldn't this year.  It was really nice to spend the time with her.

During the kids spring break, we were able to go into San Francisco to take pictures for a class assignment for Emma.  She had wanted to do her report about Fort Point.  The problem was, and it wasn't listed on their website, it  wasn't open mid-week.  That said, we then took the kids to Pier 39, rode the carousal, and ate crab cocktail.

Then last week, Beth and I attempted a the Mt Diablo Challenge 50K (31miles).  It was a beautiful; but very hot day (in the low 90's).  We realized that there would come a time that we would not finish a race, and we knew that this was the smart thing to do. So we pulled out at 15.6 miles and over 4,000 feet of elevation gain.  

The country we did cover was beautiful.  It began in the Round Valley Regional park, continued through the Los Vaqueros Reservoir park are, and then into the Morgan Territories Regional park.  Everything was green and lush.  While we didn't finish, we had an awesome time.

Now I am back to work in San Francisco.  Back to riding BART (love my afternoon naps), riding my bike to the train station (no traffic), and work for an awesome company (the Public Library of Science - PLoS).  It is in a wonderful location - in the shadow of Coit Tower in Levi Plaza.  As Beth puts it, it is a wonderfully nerdy job for her nerdy husband.

Well that catches up with back to regularly scheduled vacations.