Monday, February 1, 2010

Break and the Beach, Let's Go Fly a Kite!

So Saturday was a beautiful day. The first completely blue Saturday in weeks.

So important things first, we went out door to door and then later in the afternoon went to John Muir Beach, our favorite.

The waves were pretty impressive, with some very massive swells off in the distance towards the San Francisco Bay and the Marin Headlands. We also found this little guy hiding in a boulder!!! More about that latter. We like this beach because it is secluded, the kids can look in the tide pools, hike the headlands, look for shells and stones, and play in the sand.

But first service. We worked in a territory near Shell Ridge. The kids really enjoy our Saturday mornings.

Myles found a pile of wood chips and called it his mountain.

Emma did very well, as usual, and placed a couple of sets of magazines.

Sophie worked with Micaela and got to use her presentation at a couple of doors.

Myles enjoys just going to every door, ringing the doorbells, then leaving old issues of the magazines under the doormat. In fact he gets pretty upset when we are done; then realizes it is time for break!!!!

So we were off to Sweet Affair!! Myles favorite is always the cupcake. Sometimes it is the Red Velvet, or the one with the white sprinkles.

Sophie normally only wants the chocolate chip cookie. I say only, however these cookies are great.

Emma is at the point that she likes a bean burrito from High Tech Burrito next door.

It is so funny seeing the kids enjoying service as much as Beth and I did as we were kids.

So after service, it was time to go home, pack some sandwiches , clothes to change into, and the beach toys.

So after getting our beach blankets laid out, it was time to explore the tide pools. We had to cross a shallow creek with a swift current. Beth and I helped Myles and Emma while Sophie trudged through like the sure foot she is.

Right now, Bubba is all about castles and kingdoms. Because we had to cross the creek, he looked at every boulder as his own little mountain and castle to climb.

One boulder in particular was the size of a house. This is where we normally find starfish, sea anemone, and this is where we found the crab at the beginning of this entry.

We were amazed at the colors in such a small creature. Mind you, the above crab was in a crack in the "Castle" no more than 3 inches. The crab was no more than two inches.

The waves were crashing all around, but the kids were looking under every nook and cranny. Then Myles decided he had found his castle.

Then we were back to have our picnic and FLY KITES!!!!. This was the first time Myles had ever flown a kite.

By this time, Myles was having allot of fun!!!

And of course, what trip to the beach is fun without playing in the sand. At the end of the day, we took a hike up the Headlands and looked down at the beach. The end to a perfect day.


  1. it's funny in that pic of Soph and Bub flying kites next to each other, they look the same size! Won't be long before he passes up both his sisters : (

  2. You look like you had a blast! Audrey wants to fly a kite now too.

  3. I am really thinking after 13 miles one of those cupcakes with Bubba might be a must!

  4. Brian, I am so enjoying reading your blog. I love hearing your feelings on things. I am very proud of all of you. It's very evident that all in the family have a part in the success of your training. Luv u all. Jackie