Friday, January 29, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!!!!

So after two weeks of rain, 7.5 inches in one week, we finally got a break in the weather. And boy did we need the break!!!

As you can imagine, the hills are bright emerald green and the mustard is beginning to show. It is just beautiful!!

During the storms, we had snow for the second time on Mt. Diablo. There were funnel clouds in Bentwood and, closer to home, Clayton. It was a rip roaring time!!

To keep us occupied, we introduced the kids to the game Sorry and Chutes and Ladders. We did puzzles and a little baking...

So during this week, Sophie had Buddy Bear. This is a teddy bear all of the kindergartners take home. They write in a journal all of the activities that they did. The bear comes in a basket with a bunch of stories in which we read to both Sophie and Buddy. The Bear has seen better times (it is the same one from when Emma was in kindergarten). Sophie thought it would be a neat activity to do with Buddy to make brownies and play Sorry:

Emma got into the action and made a cake and decorated it with blue berries:

Also during this week, Sophie began her 100 day project. It is something they do to help the kids learn to count to 100 and signify how big 100 is.

Sophie is a VERY detailed girl and really does not like to have Papa's help. She had to cut out a big number 100 and then decorate it with 100 items. The funny thing is she did a better job cutting on the lines than I ever could.

As you see here, she is meticulous at adding her 100 items: Marshmallows

Mind you, it took quite some time and patience (on me and Beth's part) to get all 100 marshmallows glued and positioned "just right."

Sophie is also working on her sight words. She is doing great at home; however she is a bit nervous at school to read out loud:

All in all a pretty good week.

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