Thursday, February 11, 2010

A run, a movie, and the photo shoot....

While we were under the threat of rain all week, it mainly occurred at night. Just the way we like it.

It was pretty much an uneventful week. The typical going to school, meeting, craziness at work.

The when the weekend came we were ready to go. Then again the threat of rain cropped its ugly head. At least it was more mist than anything else.

As we do almost every weekend, it started off with the field service. On the first Saturday of the month we meet at the kingdom hall.

Since it wasn't raining we were able to do door to door, which is the kids favorite. In fact, they get pretty disappointed when it is raining and we are doing return visits.

It was another productive morning with Emma and Sophie both able to go through their presentation and Emma even placed some magazines.

Then off to Sweet Affair......

With Bubba's favorite Red Velvet cupcake and Sophie's chocolate chip cookie.

Not to be outdone, Emma had her burrito from High Tech next door.

When we got home, it was time for our long run. The Napa Valley Marathon is on March 7th, so this weekend meant we had a 22 mile run planned. We thought the rain might squash those plans; however, it turned out to be a beautiful day a few minutes after this shot.

What was fun about this run was that it went quick. Beth and I have been running a couple of days a week during lunch. So have definitely been building our speed.

We completed the run in 3:50.

Myles and Sophie liked their "Bubble" carriage ride.

Emma, as usual road her bike the full 22 miles. Of course we stopped and got a snack at the Alamo Safeway.

She did take a nasty fall when she took one of the side trails. She even has a war wound to show it.

So we run along the Contra Costa Canal trail in Concord, near the kids school, follow the Iron Horse trail to Danville, then come back.

We came home tired...and hungry. We had Emma's favorite dinner: TACOS!!!.

The next day, we decided that after meeting we try something different.

We thought it would be a treat and watch a movie on the DVD player in the car. Sort of like a drive-inn. We got a pizza on the way home from meeting. We ate popcorn and  licorice while we watched Mall Cop.

Of course, a time to relax.

It has been kind of fun coming up with new ways of doing things. I think this past year we have seen maybe four movies in a theatre.

The kids have really enjoyed it to, with them coming up with many of the ideas to have fun.

The kids had Monday off also. We have a young sister in our hall that is a very good photographer. She has been using Emma and Sophie as her models. Beth and the girls meet her and her mother in different areas in the hills around here. On Monday they went up to Mitchell Canyon on the north side of Mt. Diablo.

The young sister had requested Beth put the girl's hair in braids and had the girls dress in a ballet outfit.

Since we have had a lot of rain, the hills are really green, and muddy. She got some really good pictures of the girls.

Between shots, Beth got some good pictures of the kids.

Something else now happens every time we go into the hills, we are constantly looking for Newts and Salamanders. And every once and awhile we get a bonus:

Another scorpion:

This was much thicker, and was probably a female. They actually found two that day.

Here are some more pictures from this day.

Myles is just happy to be outside in the sunshine. He is a pretty fast runner now and is at times hard to catch.

He has really keeps up with with his sisters.

Latter in the week, we got a surprised gift from grandma Jackie, cake molds for the kids.

We had some blueberry muffin mix and used it for cake batter.

Thank you very much!!! The kids loved them.

That is the update for this week. Remember, this is only a sample of our pictures. You can see the complete library on Our Picture Site.

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  1. If anyone wonders about the random mushroom picture...the kids spotted it in service, it was light yellow w/ spots around the top and wavy, pointy edges. It was really really neat!