Saturday, February 27, 2010

Emma's Favorite Bike Ride Route....

Emma's favorite bike ride, as well as one of our favorite runs, starts in Alameda, down to Bay Farm, just north of the Oakland Airport runways and back.

There are spectacular views of the San Francisco Bay and Bay Bridge.

This is the course the Beth and Melissa will be running for the See Jane Run half-marathon in June.

What makes this such a great run, especially for a taper week, is that it is a very flat run.

Myles loves seeing the the airplanes take off, and Sophie loves the flowers, Pampas Grass, and the sea life.

The biggest hazard is the occasional ground squirrel that always finds its way scurrying in front of Beth.

Typically we start off with a snack on the drive over. It is only a 30 minute drive, so we get something light.

The kids really like there croissants. Here Myles is two fisting it.

Emma loves this trail because there is a lot of opportunity to explore and see so many different things. She especially likes to take the lead, which normally means she sets the pace and we having to keep up.

Emma is excited. The weather is perfect. This is one of our last taper runs before the Napa Valley Marathon next week. No wind, blue sky and mid-60's.

Emma finds that she can ride with the adults and really sees herself as a big kid.

When the adults see Emma riding up the bridge by herself (it is a little bit of an uphill) they are impressed she can do it and keep up with them.

While Emma rides her bike, Sophie and Myles try to see how much pampas grass they can capture.

Myles calls it his kite, and Sophie uses it to try to reach Beth as I run behind her.

At the end of the ride, there are some wonderful trees for the kids to climb.

The day ended in a beautiful sunset over San Francisco Bay. The kids were happy but tired. On the way back the moon was full as we came out of the Caldicot Tunnel. It was the perfect ending to a awesome day.

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