Monday, March 18, 2013

The Wild Flowers are Blooming.....

 The last couple of weeks has been comprised of hikes and trail runs after field service.  Beth and I are training for a 50K towards the end of April, so this means a lot of running on Mt. Diablo.  The kids also have a race at the end of this month, with Sophie running her first 10K with Emma. 

Most of the hikes and runs we do of at late have been up in Castle Rock as well as through Pine Canyon.  Last weekend, while Beth and I were running with our friend Ryan, his wife hiked up through the bottom of the Canyon with the kids.  The past two weekend have been in the 70's, so the weather has been beautiful.

This past Saturday, Beth and I ran up Wall Rd. which will eventually take you up to Rock City.  This trail is beautiful, with poppies and lupine in bloom.   There were some other purple flowers that looked like wild daisies and some red flowers that looked like it was related to salvia.  The hills and trees are so green right now. 

The kids took a new sister in our hall to hike some of the trails nearby.  It is an easy hike and the kids and the sister had a great time.  She had moved up recently from San Diego and is learning about all of what the Bay Area has.

Yesterday, after meeting one of the older brothers in the congregation to our family out for lunch at a buffet.  I quickly realized that my kids have really not experienced a place like this in awhile.  I mean, the last time we ate at a buffet was when we lived in Georgia.  This means that Myles has never been and Sophie doesn't remember.  I remember as a kid that we went to a buffet on a regular basis; however, I think it is fun to know that the kids thought of this as a treat.  The older brother certainly enjoyed the company. 
After lunch, for a change Emma and Sophie went out for a run on a new trail up in the Black Diamond Mine Regional Preserve.  There is a trail about a mile from our home in Clayton that takes you up to the top of a peak that overlooks the Clayton Valley and where we live as well as views of Rio Vista and the Delta.  It was clear enough to see the Sierra off in the distance.  All in all it was a 7 mile run/hike.  We even went in an air shaft that was left over from when the hills were mined for coal.  Once you get a ways into the hike, the country is beautiful.  It is hard to imagine that you are not as secluded as you might think.  Emma and Sophie quickly learned why it isn't smart to each a big meal before a run, but they did fine just the same.

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