Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Flat Stanley Takes On Mt. Diablo

With Sophie in a 2nd/3rd split class this year, there is the occasional repeat activity.  So we have the privilege of Flat Stanley making the rounds.  We didn't want to send him out this year, so we have kept him local.  This has meant traveling into San Francisco with me as well as other activities.

Saturday after service, we decided to do a hike up on Mt. Diablo.  There is a piece of single track Beth has been wanting to explore to see the feasibility of adding it to her runs.  Overall it is a 4.5 mile loop with some over 1,200 elevation gain.  Not bad for a hike or a run.

Sophie thought it would be great to bring Flat Stanley along for the adventure also.

The most challenging part of the hike is at the beginning when we climb Burma Rd.  This is a very steep part of the trail but provides a beautiful view of the valley below.   Coming down the hill is great too!  Pretty steep, however, not too steep to see the occasional mountain biker coming down.

We then proceeded to Buckeye trail, this is the single track that Beth had been eying.  It is part of a 50K we are considering towards the end of April.  The poppies are finally out, as well as other wild flowers.  Leading up to the day, it had been sunny and in the 70's; however, it was overcast for our hike.  We came across a couple of creek crossings with one nice little waterfall added in. 

We finally made it to Stage Road, which dropped us back into Pine Canyon.  We came across a really old "Rattlesnake Gulch" sign which we wondered what the history was behind it, but have come up dry on Google.  While we haven't had much rain since December, we have had enough for the hills to turn green.  We also came across some of our favorite creek crossings, with Myles playing in the mud.  Beth and I get the biggest kick out of passerby's who remark how awesome we are for letting our kids play in the mud,  and I don't know why.

Flat Stanley made the hike intact and dry and the kids made it home thrilled but tired from the adventure we had.

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