Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Roundup

To say we were busy in March is an understatement!  With the visit of the Circuit Overseer, the Memorial season tract work, One Day Special Assembly day, as well as the Memorial, we were very busy spiritually.  We also managed to get some hikes in as well as a 30K for Beth and I and another race this past weekend for the entire family.

Not to say we didn't have much down time.  Myles has for awhile been asking for a fort in the backyard.  Beth came up with this ingenious way to create a Teepee and wola! Myles had his sanctuary of solitude.

The Memorial, as usual, was the highlight.  The kids are getting so old and there dresses reflected that.  Emma, because of her height, is now shopping in the women's section.  

As with previous years, we met with Lafayette and the kids got to see their friends.  The girls are playing fantasy baseball this year, as well as a couple of young brothers in Lafayette, so there was a little bit of trade and smash talk going on after.  On the way home, we swung by Burger King for $0.50 ice cream cones.  I had planned to get the sundae fixings; however, they preferred this.  We have awesome kids.

This past Saturday we did a run.  It was was great and was Goonies themed.  Myles ran the 5K with a sister in our hall.  Emma, Sophie, and Beth ran the 10K, with this being Sophie's first 10K ever.  I ran the half marathon.  Everyone did awesome.  One of the features of this run was that there were a couple of cameras streaming live video and a lot of the family jumped on and watched

Sophie has a big grin in every picture that was taken on the course by the volunteers.  And this was a tough 10K with over 1K feet of elevation climb.  We are really proud of her.

Before the run, the kids found a rope swing that, when swung on, would have a kid dangling 10 feet in the air.  It was Emma who came crashing down.  But she came out of it with the air knocked out of her, minor scrapes, and a sore wrist.

That pretty much closes March.  On to April!

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  1. ugh, can't believe it's April.
    dun dun dun dut da dun dut da dun
    : )
    (picture Darth Vader)