Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Castle Rock Hike and Relax!!!

So  last weekend, we had a nice hike followed by an evening for Beth and I at a baby shower.  However, I can say it was a pretty relaxing weekend nevertheless.

As usual, we began the day in the field ministry. It was a beautiful day and the temperatures had really cooled down here to the 70's.  Most of my major projects at work have ended and now we are into budget; which meant that I could actually begin to relax. That, combined with busy weekend for the past month-and-a-half had us refocusing on the simpler things. So we decided for a short hike at the Castle Rock Regional park, which is five miles from the house.
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Beth has been doing a lot of running up there now that Myles is kindergarten.  It is isolated; however, she has taken the proper precautions to keep safe.  It was one of her runs she came across a new trail and this peaceful bench that overlooked Castle Rocks as well as much of the western valley leading up to Mt. Diablo.  It is a breathtaking area and we all loved the hike.

We took the "quick way" back which meant following a steep single track to the valley floor.  The kids had a great time, with only a sprained wrist for Sophie on the final 100 feet; however, we came across a horse on the way back to the car which made up for the fall.
Saturday night meant a baby shower for our friends the Wells.  This was a bit more than the typical baby shower, and was designed more like a cocktail party.  While everyone had fun, this style of party wasn't our cup of tea so we left after a couple of hours.

 So that's it for this week!!  Don't forget we post more pictures on our Dropshots site!!

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