Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Catch-up and 15th Wedding Aniversary

So I have been delinquent in my blogging duties; however, we have been pretty busy, had a couple of bugs run through the family, and still managed to have fun.

Two weeks ago included a congregation picnic, the Walnut Creek Festival twilight parade, and Beth running a half marathon up Mt. Diablo.  It was a really fun weekend; even with me suffering through my first cold in a couple of years.  

I did try to run the half -marathon with Beth, but made it only 2 miles before I stopped and turned around.  I encouraged her to keep going since she has been looking forward to this race for a while.  She was nervous but up for the challenge which meant running to the top of the 3,480 foot Mt. Diablo and back out of Michell Canyon.  Since the race start was only a couple of miles from our house, I ran back and got the kids and met her a mile from the finish line.  Emma ran ahead and ran back with her.  I am very proud of Beth for completing this one by herself.

After the race we were off to the congregation picnic.  The kids got to swim and play volleyball while Beth and I talked with our friends.  It is a nice up-building gathering and everyone was encouraged.  Joe did a great job on the meat and we even tried some gluten free cheeseburger cupcakes.

After the picnic we picked a spot downtown Walnut Creek for the parade.  We found a great spot in front of Starbucks and watched the high schools go by.  Pittsburgh High has such a great band and cheer-leading squad, it is understandable why they are able to make it to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade so often.
Beth and the other sisters participating at the event.

Last weekend was full of fun also  Beth had signed up for her first duathlon a couple months back at Shadow Cliffs in Pleasanton.  It consisted of a 1 mile run, followed by a 12 mile bike ride, then end with a 5K run.  She did an awesome job, especially considering that until a month ago she hadn't been on bike since she was a kid.  
Small but worth the fun!!!

While she was on the course, kids and I took advantage of the fishing on the lake.  Myles caught his first fish ever, two small largemouth bass.  It is a beautiful lake for fishing and swimming.  It is kind of funny to think that the last time I was fishing there I was probably Myles age, right after the lake was opened, fishing with my grandfather.  After the race we swung by my grandparents old house.  The roses and hydrangeas were in bloom.  The house looks beautiful.

This past Thursday was our wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it has been 15 years!!  It has gone by so quick and we have accomplished so much.  I love her so much and wished we could have done something great this year; however, due to the change in the job situation; it was a modest affair.  We are planning next month for a night out.  The kids got a couple of gifts and Beth and I exchanged cards.  But what makes us work so well together is that through the good times and bad times we are there for each other and challenging times only make us stronger.   

So that catches everyone up.  One last note, congratulations on to my dad for becoming a regular pioneer!!!  This privilege is such a blessing and I am very happy for him!

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  1. Yes, congrats, Larry. There is no better way to use your retirement than in the full time service!