Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sitting on a Dock by the Bay....

So today's post is being written on a fishing dock sitting on the San Francisco bay with beautiful views of the Bay Bridge, the Ferry Building, Coit Tower, the TransAmerica building as well as downtown.  It is a beautiful day, in the eighties in the City!!

That said, we have had a pretty simple last week, which included field service, loading up on groceries, and an awesome run with Beth up on Mt. Diablo.

 Now with Myles in school, she has a couple of hours in the morning to herself for the first time in ten years.  She has been keeping herself busy either in the ministry or running up on Mt. Diablo through Castle Rock.  On her running mornings, she has explored much of the trails leaving Castle Rock Regional Park and into Mt. Diablo State park.  She has taken precautions to be safe: pepper spray, whistle, charged cell phone.  Most days I get pictures on my phone of her treks.

That said, I am a bit jealous, only from the fact that she has been able to run a lot of trails with a lot of elevation; whereas I have been taking scenic runs on the Embarcadero or through Fishermans Wharf at lunch without any elevation gain.  Don't get me wrong, I run some awesome spots in the city; however, nothing beats running on dirt in the wilderness.

So it was a real treat to run with her on Sunday morning before meeting.  She took me out Castle Rock for our goal of climbing to the top of Burma Rd.  This is a about 2,000 feet of elevation gain for the total run and included views of the Diablo Valley as well as the top of Castle Rock.  We saw that morning a total of nine deer including two bucks.  While every where else in the Bay was fogged in, we had a wonderful sunny day.

I really miss my runs during the week with Beth now that I am not working in Walnut Creek.  However, I am so happy she can do this.

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