Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Running Around.....

 So last week we got back into a normal summer time schedule.  For the last three weeks we have had our schedule a bit sideways, in a good way, with theocratic activities with the convention and circuit overseer visit.

The Bay Area Fire Prevention Crew
So we had a nice weekend volunteering at an aid station for the Bad Bass 5K, 10K, and half-marathon on Lake Chabot.  This is something Beth and I have wanted to do and have been on the receiving side of things so many times that I was amazed at how much work and organization went into it.  We were given the first aid station assignment which meant that we got the half marathoners and 5Kers once and the 10Kers twice.  I haven't been so busy filling up cups of water and sports drink!!! But it was really fun and worth the reward of a couple of free race entries.
A Jungle in Golden Gate Park

Alan and Diane, and they ran the day before!
On Sunday morning we went to the SF Marathon to support some of our friends who were running either the half or full marathons.  This is the first time in  three years we haven't run this marathon and were a bit jealous.  That jealousy quickly faded though when we got to Golden Gate Park near Stowe Lake and and faced a heavy mist/drizzle.  That said, all of our friends did well.  One of the young sisters in our hall completed the half marathon in a blazing 1:38, while her parents finished 40 minutes behind her.  Another sister and her husband ran the first half and did very well, especially since he had ran another half marathon the day before and she had run a 5K.  Finally, a good friend from a neighboring hall completed the full marathon.  Excellent job to all.
Great Job Pat!!!

One last note, the mouse....he left our house.....he didn't ease the pain by going down the drain....no mouse today, he's gone away...he is in the garbage can due to his love of peanut butter.

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