Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A day at the horses!!

Another week of summer vacation is done for the kids, a go-cart race at work, as well as an awesome achievement for a good friend of ours.  All of this during our Circuit Overseers visit!!  Yes, we had a busy week.

So on Wednesday, Beth made a wonderful picnic lunch to share at Lafayette Reservoir.   Earlier in the day she had taken the kids for a run on Lime Ridge and they took advantage of the dried out ponds to pick cattails.  So they met me at BART and off we went.  It was a beautiful day for it, especially since San Francisco has settled into the summer gloom.

While I lap around the lake, Emma and Sophie got out their paints.  Sophie asked if she could paint her favorite tree and she did an awesome time.   Beth made an awesome chicken dish with peach schnaps pineapple.  It was a nice relaxing day to spend at the lake.

So one of the activities the kids have been looking forward to all summer break has been being able to feed the horses that a sister in our hall takes care of.  She has been doing this for a few years now and mentioned to the girls that she would take them at some point.  All of the kids love horses so they have eagerly been waiting.

It was a beautiful day too!! Between the sister and us, the kids ended feeding over 30 pounds of carrots to the horses.  They also learned about the different kinds of horses, how to identify a Quarter Horse and an Arabian, and they got to see a Mustang.  They also got to go in the stables with the sister and walk the horse.

All of that would have made the day; however, one of the owners asked if the kids would also like to ride a horse.  As Beth said, you have never seen Myles smile so big!!  The kids had a wonderful time and just didn't make their summer, it will be a lasting memory for years to come.

While the Beth and the kids were doing that, we had my first official team build event at PLOS: Go Cart Racing at Go Cart Racer!!!  This was a fully catered event, with the office of over 100 being closed down for the afternoon.  I have had team building events before, but this was really fun.  Beth had gone to this place when she was a kid and still talks about it.  I can see why!!  Basically we were broken into teams of five and given 50 minutes to complete as many laps as the team could within that time.   Our lead driver crashed on the third lap, so we were always 5 laps behind the entire time. But boy was that fun!!!

That pretty much sums up last week!!!

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  1. The last pic is a pina colada, coconut, vanilla banana split from Guanatos! A great way to end a horse day!