Monday, July 16, 2012

Another milestone down....kindergarten on the horizon!!!

  Another relaxing weekend in the books with a new milestone for Myles!

Friday after work met up with some of the old team from AAA.  I hadn't seen many of them for over a year and some it has been two years.  Since I haven't really done this much in my career, and having worked with some of them for over 12 years, it was strange to see everyone on to the next phases of their life.  A couple of them are still at AAA, another is now at a Northern California power company, and my old Manager from two years ago.  It was nice visiting with them.

Beth met me back at the Pleasant Hill BART station where we were greeted by the East Bay Bicycle Party.  I guess it is the East Bay version of critical mass.  The funny thing was that I wasn't aware, being in the lead car, that the train was filled with bikes coming over from Oakland and Berkeley.

On Saturday, after a productive morning in field service, we did our after payday grocery shopping.  Over the last few years, we have made it a practice to do our shopping together as a family.  The weather was beautiful.

Beth got Emma and Sophie their first latch hook project and the girls have really been enjoying it.  I think Emma is looking at it more as a puzzle while Sophie has fully embraced the art side of things.  Any free moment, they are at it and are so proud when they have completed a row.

Yesterday after meeting, I took the kids to the nearby school to see if I could finally teach Myles to ride his bike.  He will be turning 6 in September and will be beginning kindergarten.  For the girls, they learned at about 6.5 years; however, we always began them getting used to their bike at 4.  The biggest challenge for Myles; however, is while he is very tall for his age, he is not maturing as fast as the girls.  This means that I didn't have really high hopes that he would want to really learn even though that is what he was asking to do.  In fact we have taken him already to the school a couple of times and he would really scare himself when we would let him go.

Well, after walking next to him on the bike to the school, it took him about three minutes to ride his bike by himself.  Next was teaching him how to stop....not by falling or planting his feet on the ground but using the brakes.  The on thing he still has to master is how to start by himself.  Once we got back to the house, I had Emma ride ahead and get Beth and had Myles ride the block back to her.  Boy she was surprised.  That said, this morning, he is back to being nervous riding his bike. But hopefully this means that we can soon retire the jogging stroller!

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