Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new place....

So it's again a while since I posted.  A lot has happened, challenging, but a great change.  It started with a flier addressed to the landlord stating foreclosure is not the only answer, the property management company having a house open just at the right time, and our move to our new place this past weekend.

To say moving is a challenge is an understatement. However, we did it.  More like Beth did it the most of it. Packing, unpacking, she did an awesome job.  The kids did great too.  It is a bit of an adjustment.  Living in 17 different homes in my life, 9 different houses by the time I turned 10, it was hard for me to understand why it was an adjustment for Sophie and Myles.  But they love their new house. 

Emma has a true bedroom now, not a bedroom that acted as a hall way.  She loves it.   Sophie has her castle bed up, and Myles loves the backyard.  It is twice the size of the last house  with a large mulberry tree that has three swings.

The house is a bit warmer too.  I can't put my finger on it, but it is a place where you can look right up Mt. Diablo, listen to classical music in the background and relax.  Tonight was the first night preparing for the Watchtower study and it was so much easier concentrating.

While a gardener is responsible for the front yard, the back yard is our responsibility and is a open canvas.  There are a couple of places for a large garden this year.  I am going to reseed the backyard, it needs some love.  It may sound of twisted; but I think mowing the yard is a bit therapeutic. 

We had a lot of fun today...I got my leaf blower out and we took care of the mulberry leaves.  The kids had great fun finding all sort of huge earthworms under the leaves.  Myles jumped in every pile.  Then they were off on their swings.

We are also getting know our neighbors.  Last Monday, the neighbor across the street came over and introduced herself and then proceeded to tell me all about everyone on the street, their stories, everything.  Beth had one of our next door neighbors stop by on Wednesday with an apple brownie. Beth invited her in and Beth got the lowdown.  It is a very nice and very quite older neighborhood.

We also have gotten back into our routine.  It has been a bit of an adjustment.  We moved out 2.5 miles further, so we are having to adjust timing on everything.  This also means my bike ride to and from work has increased from 5.4 miles each way to 8 miles each way, up Ygancio Valley Rd. hill.  It is a beautiful ride.

So that's about it.  Now that things are settling, I will be back with my goal to update the blog at least once a week.

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