Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Friends, Turkey, and a Cannondale

Really no pictures on this post.  I need to get in a better habit of blogging so going forward I cannot promise pictures.

So on Thursday, I got about  a half mile from work and my back wheel broke.  What I mean is that I first through one spoke, then the next, then the final spoke ripped out of the wheel puncturing the tube.  Well this bike has really gone through it all.  Over the last 3 years I have put over 10K miles on it.  The seat post broke a year and a half ago, but I jerry-rigged it to work.  The rear brakes no longer worked.  Mind you I added 6 additional miles to my commute each day at the new house.  This was a very nice Schwinn that my parents bought me at Target and it by far outlived its life 5K miles ago.  It was a really good bike to start commuting.

That said, we have one car, so a bike is crucial part of how I commute to work.  The great news was that we got the full deposit back from the previous house on Friday so it meant I could go bike shopping.  After narrowing down the field from three bikes down to a Cannondale Quick 3 Carbon, I am set.  And boy is it an nice ride. It has cut my travel time by 10 minutes.

Also we had a group over Saturday night for turkey dinner.  It has been awhile since we have done this, the old house didn't really lend itself to having folks over.  It was nice though.  It was very encouraging to have everyone over.  We played Catch Phrase and caught up.  You can learn so much by having families over and it brings you so much closer to the congregation.

That's about it.....talk with everyone soon.

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