Sunday, January 16, 2011

Myles Run-in with a Tailgate

So after meeting today we decided it was a beautiful time to do a hike on the hills near our new house.  Since it wasn't too far, we decided we would walk there. Myles was very excited and was skipping down the sidewalk next to me.  Well we only got two houses down until Myles' face met the end of the tailgate of one of our new neighbors.

The neighbor felt so bad.   I felt bad, wishing a had a second quicker reflexes.  It was a wonderful way to meet a new neighbor.

Well Myles has his first war wound story.  Of all our kids, this is the first kid who needed stitches.  Our area doesn't have many urgent cares so we drove over to Pleasant Hill.  Our friends the Valvik's watched the girls.  Myles knew what was going to happen, but we tried to keep him in a cheery mood.

Well the time came, he was strapped into the "Robot Bed".  I held his head while the doctor gave him three stitches in each of the two cuts.   He was such a trooper.

On the way home we picked him up ice cream and all is good.   Good stories to come when he gets to school!!!

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