Monday, June 28, 2010

This Years District Convention

Sorry for the delay in my blogs. I have misplaced my camera and and it takes a little more work pulling the pictures from our dropshot site; however, I am going to catch up with what has happened the past month. So I am going to start with the District Convention. You may have already caught the pictures on Beth's Site. You also can see the complete collection of pictures on our dropshots site, look under June 25th for the first day, June 26th for the second day, and June 27th for the 3rd day.

Wasn't such an up building convention? Beth and I were so encouraged by the parts. The parts definitely kept to the title of Remain Close to Jehovah. As with all conventions, this one seemed better than the last; however, the information provided at this one seemed more like a game changer. What I mean, the emphasis was very clear now is not the time to drift, take it easy, get caught up with the anxieties and trials of this system, or be affected and discouraged by the actions of those in the congregation. This was especially emphasized by the drama. We will experience much hardship in this system, and it will only get worse. The key is will we endure (having a positive attitude with a focus on future promises) or will we get overwhelmed by this system and tire out.

I would have to say the kids were awesome!!! Emma took notes for all of the parts (not bad for an eight year old), Sophie stayed awake for all of the parts and got quite a bit out of the talks. Myles didn't do bad himself.

Myles did give us a scare on the first day. The girls were about 8 rows ahead of us visiting the Waage's (we haven't seen them since they moved to Dougherty Hills Congo) and Myles wanted to go down and visit also. I let him go down by himself. Mind you, this was not too smart, Beth kept saying I needed to walk him down or he was going to take a tumble. I kept saying he would be OK....well my wife, as usual, was right. He fell, rolling four stairs down (mind you these are cement) scaring all of the brothers and sisters around us. I felt pretty much like crawling into a cave. Before we could do anything, two brothers from first aid were there checking him out and taking down an accident report. Latter that afternoon, when they make the usual announcement about watching your children, I couldn't help but think they were talking directly to me..
The kids had fun. Since it is at the Cow Palace, there is a lot for them to see during lunch. This is where the Grand National Rodeo occurs, so there is a stock yard as well as stables. The kids got to see a lot of their friends from the neighboring congregations. I can't believe how quickly the kids are growing.

After three days of encouragement and spiritual refreshment, we went to the Tonga Room in the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill for drinks for the kids and an appetizer or two (and that by itself was expensive). The Tonga Room is going to close soon so we thought it would be the last chance to go. If you haven't been there, the restaurant is like going to a Luau. The kids received lei and it rains and thunders. We sat next to a Lagoon inside the hotel!!

All in all, it was a very special weekend!!!

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