Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Softball with Friends

This summer, we have been playing softball on Sunday's after meeting.  The kids have really been looking forward to it, being old enough to enjoy it.  The Lessers have been organizing it and have really taken an interest in the young ones in our congregation, scheduling activities for everyone to enjoy.

The picture to the right is Rob Lesser helping Sophie hit the ball.
Since we play at an elementary school, I have been very surprised that she much rather play ball instead of playing on the play structures; however, she is both out there hitting and fielding.

We have been playing catch with Emma and Sophie too.  Even Myles gets some play time.

We have tried to vary the activities for the kids this summer.  It has been nice to add softball to the mix.  It has also been nice for Emma to play sports for the fun of it, without anyone really taking score.

It has also been nice that so many from the congregation has been showing up.  Everyone gets a chance to play, and it is good clean fun.

At the end of the day, it has been nice for the kids to be with others from the congregation outside of the Kingdom Hall.

They especially look up to the teenagers and we have such fine examples in our congregation.  They have especially taken an interest in our kids like they are their little brother and sisters.  It is still hard for me to believe that most of them were our kids age when we moved down from Washington.

It has been a cool summer in the Bay Area.  We have had less than 10 days over 90 degrees.  Sundays have been especially mild.

What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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