Friday, May 21, 2010

A nice relaxing weekend

So a couple of weeks ago, the weather is beautiful. It was in the 80's and the sky was a beautiful blue. We thought we had seen the end of the rain!!! I mean we saw three times more rain than average in April.
On that Saturday, we took our run to Alamo. What is nice about this run is that there is a lot for the kids to see. We take time to see the horses, and this time brought carrots. It was beautiful 15 mile run.
When we got home, Sophie made a sick chicken. Basically it is a string attached to a plastic cup. You wet your fingers and play it like an instrument. She had learned to make it in school. It worked like a gem.

On Sunday, after meeting, we just took it easy. We relaxed, the kids played in the kids pool, we made turkey burgers, ate outside, followed by a couple of games of Sorry.

The reason I why I am reflecting back on two weeks ago is that this weekend, and through next week, we are anticipating showers. And it is cold - the snow level will be back down to 3,000 feet!!! It is supposed to be 70 on Sunday; but we live in the East Bay for the 80's and 90's that are common this year.

Also, we have had a lot of grey days. Boy we cannot wait till summer!!!

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