Friday, May 14, 2010

Multi-cultural Day and the Girl's School

This past Friday, Emma and Sophie's school had their multi-cultural day. It was a way for the kids to learn about many cultures instead of just focusing on one or two. For the second grade class, it meant bringing the family to hear kids sing song and participate in arts and craft projects.

Different families were assigned to bring different cookies and drinks. Beth had volunteered to help set up and man an arts and craft booth.

There was a lot of help; but it was really needed. The multi-use room was packed. Since we live in a very diverse area, it was a great way for the kids to better understand the local cultures.

Emma had pick one of the cultures of the family. For Emma, this proved to be a challenge. Should could have picked Scottish, Norwegian, English, French, German, or Irish. She chose to write a research report on Ireland and the Irish. Then they had to make a picture of that culture.

One of the requirements of the assignment was to describe traditional Irish clothing. Of course she put down, tweed and tartan. However, one thing I learned is that the wool sweaters from Ireland are called Aran sweaters. I don't think I ever knew that.

While we were waiting for the show to begin I took a couple of pictures of Sophie and Myles. Boy, they are getting big.

Myles especially!! He is already as tall as half the 5 and 6 year olds in Sophie's kindergarten class!!!
Later that evening, there was a multi-cultural night for the entire school. We had just finished our grocery shopping and stopped by. The kids had never seen a DJ, so we stopped by for "5 minutes only," which ended up being 45 minutes. While the kids danced, I helped myself to some Lumpia and Scottish Shortbread ( I know, interesting combination). The kids had a lot of fun.

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