Friday, January 4, 2013

Beth's Castle Rock Adventure with the Kids!

I am going to keep this update short since Beth's blog does more justice.  However, Beth took the kids up to Castle Rock yesterday and got some great photos.  It has been cold out and the creeks are running, but everyone had a great time.  

These pictures are a sample of their trip and are some of my favorites!

You can find all of the pictures on our Dropshots picture site here.  You can also see the complete detail on her site here.

Also, this week my other blog, From 262 to 26.2 hit critical mass.  I am averaging now between 75 and 200 visitors daily. In fact, in one 24 hour period I received over 500 visitors. It is kind of funny, but I had all but given up writing quite a few years back.  But now that I am working for a publishing company and am back on BART, those creative juices are flowing.  You can find that blog here!

Only a couple more days before the kids go back to school so there are plenty of  time for more adventures!!

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