Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December Part 2.....

To follow up the last post, catching everyone up with what has happened in December, this post follows up with the last week and a half leading up to this past weekend.

So two weekends ago, Myles went to his first ever boys party.  He has been to parties before; however, this is the first time he didn't  have his sisters with him.  It was dinosaur themed at his friend Sawyers house.  Myles had been looking forward to it all week and had a great time.  Beth has been to similar parties with the girls, however, found out what a true boys party is.  Lets just say, it was a bit much for both Myles and Beth.  He did have a bit of fun, but he didn't understand why the other boys just wanted to wrestle instead of play games, sing, and dance.
Next, the week leading up to the kids winter break was filled with holiday recitals.  Since we don't celebrate the holidays, the girls got a couple hour break from school. 

For Sophie, this meant a nice run with mom in the hills near her school.  It had rained a bit a day or so before, so the hills were a little muddy, but she was definitely in her element.  For an added bonus, there were some wild horses on the trail.  Sophie is our horse girl, so this made her day.  The only problem they had was that her teacher had her take her shoes off before she went into class because they were so muddy.
For Emma, she went with Beth to Heather Farms to the rose garden.  It was a beautiful day for it.  They came across a plaque in the garden for the Latham Rose Wall.  Pretty neat.  Also Emma got a coffee ( no worries about stunting her growth - she is now officially 5') and peanuts.  The girl is eating us out of house and home! 

The kids also got their excellent report cards.  Emma is already reading at an eighth grade level, with her favorite books being anything Jules Verne, Old Yeller, the Yearling, Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. She is also doing great in math, already doing algebra and dividing of fractions. Sophie is also a wonderful reader herself.  She has been also writing her own stories and doing great in Math.  Myles is doing well himself in kindergarten.

On this past Friday, Sophie carried on with Emma's tradition of making and eating pancakes in her teacher, Ms. Cattalini's class.  Her teacher used to have the tradition but stopped after Emma's second grade class due to lack of parent involvement.   Sophie is really good at making pancakes, she helps me when I make them.   We get the market pantry pancake mix (just add water!) and embellish it with vanilla and cinnamon.  They cooked up three boxes, and the kids ate them all!

So this break, the kids will be doing a lot of reading, working on puzzles, and crafts.  Emma has been making bead necklaces while Sophie has been helping her mom on a Time Square Puzzle.

So that catches everyone up to Friday.  Look for the next post about fishing and other stuff.

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