Friday, November 30, 2012

Drakes Bay Oysters and San Bernardino

A couple of weeks ago I posted how Beth and I traveled to Point Reyes and how I had a wonderful treat: Fried Oysters from Drakes Bay.  Little did I know that I would be one of the few to have some of the last out of the Bay.
Awesome Drakes Bay Oysters in all their goodness.

The Drakes Bay Oyster Company had a lease on National Park land which ends today and were given notice yesterday that that lease would not be renewed.  This means that they must cease and desist operations today have and have everything removed, including buildings, piers, and the 1 million oysters in the estuary, out by the end of December.  You can find the story here.

Well, I can chalk this up to a great memory with my wife as well as another part of history for the area come to completion.

Speaking of another memory, there have been a lot of stories lately about San Bernardio and how the city will be filing for bankruptcy.   In fact, the location of the first McDonalds sold for a little over $100K to someone who will now make it an unofficial museum.

Source: MSNBC
So when I came across this picture, it took me back to when my parents would go to the malls in that city and when my dad worked at General Tire.  It is of the Carousel Mall.  It took me back to when there was a petting zoo that would occasionally be brought end.  We went to it after a meeting once, still in our meeting clothes.  And all of a sudden, we heard Katie shriek as her dress she was wearing was being eaten by a goat!!!  What amazes me about this picture, besides the empty shops, is how it hasn't change in 40 plus years!

Other memories I have of San Bernardino was going to the Orange Show and the Orange Show parade, going to the car show with my dad followed by dinner at Sizzler, playing in the tire castles he would make when he would take me to work with him on a Saturday.  I also remember the time he told me to help an old man across the intersection.  I was about 8 or 9 and little did I know that the man literally did not have any eyes in his eye sockets as well as no tongue to speak.   Needless to say the old man frightened me and didn't want my help.  

I haven't been to San Bernardino in over 34 years, but I am always interested in whats been going on there.  So much has changed and surprisingly there is a lot that hasn't changed.

So now a couple of memories that will be more memories than reality.

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