Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cold Beach, Hot Sun, and a Happy Anniversary

Mom and Dad down for their anniversary in 2007.

I would like to send a congratulations to my parents on their wedding anniversary.  It was on Sunday the 12th.  They have had a lot of challenges the last few years and I am hoping them the best in the coming year.  From Me, Beth, Emma, Sophie, and Myles: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!

So really not much to report for the past week.  We have begun our hot spell, which has been late in coming this year.  While most of the country has been in a drought, we have had very few days in the 90's or 100's; however, we are making up for it now.

So this weekend was a pretty relaxing one,  To beat the heat on Saturday, we went to the beach after service.  It was 95 when we left Concord but was a chilly 57 in San Francisco.  We had fun though, the kids body boarded, Beth and I through a Frisbee and a football around.  Myles dug a deep hole and tried to fill it up with water to no avail.
In 2007 we took them to Monterey.

When we got back, it was close to 100, so we stopped at Guanatos for ice cream.  

That evening we set up the air mattress and watched the Perseid meteor shower.  It was a beautiful show of lights.  Emma in fact fell asleep Sunday night  outside to catch a glimpse of some of the left overs.

Sunday evening was all about the closing ceremonies of the London Olympics.  Both the opening and closing ceremonies had Myles rapt attention, which is pretty special when you consider  you can't get him to sit down for anything other than Disney Jr.

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