Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 2012

So May meant learning all about open access online publishing of scientific research.  I am really enjoying my new job, it is exciting, challenging, but something I really can relate to compared to the wine industry.

That said, we did a lot as a family this month.  

Click close to read the yellow sign, funny for a restroom!
It began with Beth, Emma, and Sophie running the Divas San Francisco 5k.  They were able to run with our friend, Mrs. Not That, a sister from the Menlo Park congregation, and her granddaughter.  Emma was a beast.  The problem was that the course was not well marked so she ended up running with others an additional .25 mile; however, finished respectably under 30 minutes.  Beth ran with Sophie and really had a good time.

The above picture is kind of funny, especially when you don't realize that it is for the sewage treatment plant near the starting line.  That said, why run a race that begins and ends at the plant?

Beth learned how to make tutu's from scratch so everyone truly was a diva for the day.

This led to a race I was looking forward to, the Wildcat 10K.  Beth would run (walk) 5K with Myles, Sophie ran the 5K by herself and came in a respectable 1hour 1 minute.  This 5K featured 1K feet of elevation change so they did a wonderful job.

Emma and I ran the 10K.  This featured over 2,000 feet of elevation gain.  She did wonderful and completed a little over 1:30 minutes.  In fact we caught up and passed Beth and Myles on the 5K course.

The following weekend we took the kids and Kona up for a hike nearby at the Castle Rock Recreational Area.  It was a hot day, and there was still water in the creek, so the kids took full advantage.  The trip was pretty uneventful until we got home and we heard a scream from the bathroom.  Emma had found a tick on her leg.  I then found another on her shoulder.  Kona had an additional 8 ticks.  The great news was that the were dog ticks and had not begun feeding.  I latter learned that this is going to be a really bad tick season.

Last weekend we went to Shasta Lake.  We have never been on the lake during this time (and will probably be the last).  The lake level was 5 feet from the tree line, so this would have been ideal "tieing up to the trees" if we were in a houseboat.  We love camping up at Shasta; however, we typically go in August when the fishing isn't the greatest.

The campground was a bit noisy at night; but that is to be expected when you realize that people who go camping that weekend are compacting a week of vacationing into 2.5 days.  The big issue we faced was the downpour we had on Saturday.  We were fishing a couple of minutes away when it began and we raced to batten down the hatches back at camp.  This meant that it took until Monday before the fishing returned to normal.

Emma did end up catching two bass (her first) and I caught one.  Sophie didn't catch anything, which was a disappointment for her since she prides herself as being the one who catches the most.  Overall though it was a short trip and made us look forward to our longer summer trip.
One of the highlights of the trip is also going to the amphitheater at the campground and learn about the different things at the lake.  Last summer it was about the mines located at the lake and the caverns.  This weekend featured a lecture on bald eagles.  Sophie volunteered to demonstrate what an eagle was like, which required her to dress up as an eagle.  Always up for the roll, Sophie really enjoyed herself.

That basically sums up last month.

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