Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Addtion to the Family

Well, we have a new member of the family.  King Kona Kamoamoa!!  He is a lovely miniture schnauzer, very spry and active.  Of course we call him Kona for short.

To make the transition to the new home a positive instead of the negative (the landlord was foreclosed on), we said that we were moving to the new house so that we could get a puppy.  Beth and I had a schanuzer when we lived in Washington and love the breed.

The kids have wanted a dog for years.  With a brief stint with a kitten in Georgia and alligator lizard from last year, this is there first official pet.  I grew up with many dogs, cats, hamsters, gerbils, fish, birds, chickens, and hermit crabs (no reptiles) so I am happy that they can have a dog.

If you are not familiar with the schnauzer, they are a beautiful breed.  Very intelligent and active.  They love to run and play and are full of personality.  His parents were of wonderful temperment.

We are so happy to have him as part of the family!!!

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